GOLKK Workshops

At GOLKK Theatre, we aim to create a community of sharing amongst performers, artists and our audiences. Part of this mission includes delivering workshops to local communities- whether that is to fellow actors looking for inspiration in their practice, or to people who are yet to try any form of acting! Our workshops can be tailored to young adults (ages 13+) or specific groups, and usually take place alongside our performances. 

GOLKK workshops are grounded in our key principles:

Various games and exercises are brought to life by GOLKK performers, who work alongside participants to create a supportive and energised atmosphere. Workshops usually consist of physical warm ups, devising games, ensemble development and physical training– inspired by the work of practitioners such as Michael Chekhov, Jerzy Grotowski and John Britton. We do not ask participants to have any baseline level of physical ability- our approach focuses on unlocking the body to be free for improvisation, and creating theatre from human interaction.

Although GOLKK specialise in ensemble devising, their workshops can develop invaluable skills for solo and script work. Participants from past workshops stated that GOLKK’s work made them feel ‘confident’, ‘creative’ and ‘challenged’.