GOLKK Productions

rest[less] (2019)

‘Riveting... and brilliantly conceived.’
— Josephine Leask

As the rhythm of work creeps into our homes, GOLKK question whether we have created a world with no rest?
Expect dynamic physicality and serious play.

‘rest[less]’ is a non-narrative piece, exploring the physical and psychological effects of over-working. GOLKK’s unique movement language translates the topic into a seemingly abstract and absurd world. Inspired imaginatively by the construct of beehives, rest[less] shows a relentlessly buzzing “work” juxtaposed with a warm, honey-soaked “home”.

11/11 7:00 pm &
12/11 8:30pm at the Cockpit, london,
Voila Europe!

Peeking (2017)

Beginning with curiosity, Peeking in the Portrait creates a world where four people and a camera have no limitation to where they will end up. Peeking in the Portrait is inspired by the life and works of Lady Clementina Hawarden, one of Britain’s first female photographers. The show explores what it means to exist in a world where we are simultaneously witnesses and the witnessed.

‘Dynamic, Intriguing, and Wonderfully Creative’ ★★★★
— Verity Williams (LPTMagazine)

After debuting at the University of Kent, Peeking in the Portrait travelled to Paris for Dreams Before Dawn festival, performed at The Gulbenkian and toured the show in their GOLKK Kent Tour. GOLKK are currently preparing for touring and festival visits in 2018 and are seeking to broaden their network in the Kent area.

Videography by Carys Wall and Juliana Reyes. Edited by Carys Wall

Want to know more about Clementina Hawarden and her work check out Carol Mavor's book Becoming: The Photographs of Clementina, Viscountess Hawarden (1999) or Clementina, Lady Hawarden: Studies From Life, 1857-1864 by Virginia Dodier.

Samaweo Sikko (2016)

An outdoor site-sympathetic piece with focus on taking care of the audience and nature itself. Audiences are lead through the woods by the forest wanderer. They then got to meet the playful and curious creatures that only communicated through an unknown language. The creatures are there to share with you stories, tree-climbing, apples and a new look on how we experience nature.