ABout the company

GOLKK creates new worlds in which physical bodies bring us to the heart of human relationships. We draw audiences into
the present, offering you an experience which is not only live but ALIVE. With playful curiosity, we blend risky improvisation with subtle ensemble encounters. 

GOLKK endeavour to make physical performance which is accessible, dynamic, and vitally playful. As a multinational collective, we are passionate about the universal nature of physical theatre, and seek to bridge the gap between mainstream and fringe theatre audiences. GOLKK champion theatre which is grounded in sharing and unity. We have three shows in the repertoire- Samaweo Sikko (2016), Peeking in the Portrait (2017) and rest[less] (2019). As part of our practice, we offer workshops for aspiring theatre creators, students, and various communities.

GOLKK formed in 2016 and are Visiting Artist in Residence at the University of Kent and Gulbenkian since 2017. During the residency, they performed their first show ’Peeking in the Portrait’**** in Canterbury and Paris before taking it on a 2018 ACE funded summer tour of gallery venues across Kent and then as part of Camden Fringe. Following a work-in-progress at The Place, rest[less] has been developed into a 45min, tour-ready performance, during a two week R&D period. GOLKK’s second ACE funded project which premiered at The Gulbenkian in May 2019.

Looking for the GOLKK team? Look below.


Grace Wranosky

Grace is a performer in GOLKK. Aged 23 from Hertfordshire, Grace moved to Canterbury in 2013 to study a BA Hons in English and American Literature and Theatre Studies at the University of Kent. Grace’s interest in the literature of experience which “cannot be spoken”, such as Postcolonial and Post-traumatic lit, led to her passion for physical theatre which explores human experience.

Alongside her work with GOLKK, Grace is involved in various out-reach projects with young people. Working as an Assistant Director for the Marlowe Youth Theatre, with Confidance Company as an assistant facilitator, and through her own research into the application of Psychophysical theatre in the community, Grace is passionate about the transformative nature of physical theatre. Grace is an experienced facilitator, and will be developing the out-reach branch of GOLKK Theatre.


Kristin Bacheva

Kristin is a performer in GOLKK. She was born in Bulgaria in 1994 and moved to England in 2013 wanting to learn more about theatre.

She studied BA in Drama and Theatre studies at the University of Kent, Canterbury and continued with an MA in Physical Acting at the same university, with the whole of GOLKK.

Kristin comes from a dance background in Bulgarian Folklore Dance. She has been a dancer in Ensemble ‘Aktavis’ from 2004. After coming to England, she kept her connections with the ensemble by supporting them in their annual international folklore festival ‘Peace on the Balkans’ as their Emcee.

During her degree she took part in the two year project Playing Identities- Performing Heritage in Italy (2015-2016). There she worked with theatre makers from Catalonia, Italy, Romania, Lithuania and Britain. She has performed and choreographed a film in collaboration with the performance poet Leah Thorn named Shhh!(2015). She also has experience as a sessional teacher at the University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury where she taught Contextual Studies(2017). As an actress she has worked on various short films, theatre production in the UK and Bulgaria. She has been workshopping with Paul Allain, Gardzienice (The European Centre for Theatre Practices), Theatre Re, AΦE, Benji Reid, Candoco Dance Company and more. Kristin also has interest in photography and yoga practises.


Olaf Leiros

Olaf is a performer in GOLKK. He is a 23 year old Norwegian and came to England in 2013 to follow his passion for theatre. Alongside his work with the company Olaf works with Site-Specific theatre and its connection to movement.

He went on to do a Bachelor Degree in Drama and Theatre at the University of Kent. Then took up a Masters in Physical Acting at the same university and have been part of projects such as:

Playing Identities - Performing Heritage working with theatre makers form countries such as Lithuania, Romania, Catalonia, Italy and Britain.

Coming of Age in the Moving Memory Dance Theatre Company’s celebratory performance at the Roundabout Theatre, Winter Gardens, Margate (8th October 2015).

And has worked with Professor Paul Allain and Frank Camilleri on their project Physical Actor Training - An A-Z, which will be published in 2018 on Methuen Drama Online.

He has been workshopping with AΦE, Benji Reid, Candoco Dance Company, John Britton and more.


Luke Stokes

Luke lives and works both in Wimbledon where he grew up and Kent where he undertook his Degree and Masters at the University of Kent.

As an actor, he has worked in many productions playing: Macbeth in Macbeth, Playing Identities- Performing Heritage performed at the Kilowatt Festival Italy and agency work on BBC films and adverts.

‘I have always been interested in the arts, it is a platform in which I can express my views through the disciplined training of the studio. The studio to me, is a second home in which no boundaries can be broken and the creative atmosphere is endless.’