The world of GOLKK Workshops!

Happy GOLKKMonday!

Workshops can offer so much to actors. They can give a feel for how a company works, offer insight into the processes behind some of your favourite shows, and keep your creative spark awake among the struggles of trying to "make it" in the industry. (Shout out to all you recent graduates and emerging artists - we feel you!) GOLKK workshops are designed to give you a taste of how we work as an ensemble. We treat them as an open rehearsal, where participants and GOLKK performers share in creativity together - we are always so inspired by the ideas that emerge! So, what can you expect from a typical GOLKK workshop?

  • Ensemble warm up, getting us ready for physical expression and moving towards a sense of openness
  • Exercises inspired by practitioners such as Michael Chekhov, John Britton, Viewpoints training and Jacques Lecoq
  • Devising methods - we often share routes into devising, which are guided by physical improvisation
  • A chance to have 1 to 1 feedback throughout
  • Workshops take place in professional studios

With our workshops, we offer a safe space to "get it wrong" as we work. We have all felt the pressure to prove ourselves in workshops - to show that we know what we are doing and we are the best actors around! HOWEVER, this is feeling often gets in the way of truly giving it a go, allowing yourself to open up and take a risk! We always stress that giving it a go, and really meaning it, will get you very far - you never look stupid when you're committed to being in the moment with everyone.

We currently offer workshops to UKC students, and to schools in the Kent area. Our method can be tailored to suit younger groups (aged 11-16),  young adults, emerging artists and even people outside of education/ the arts who want their first taste of physical performance. We want our workshops to be accessible, so we always try to keep costs as low as possible!!

So, if you fancy an opportunity to reconnect with your body in performance, to freshen up your ability to improvise, or to simply take a risk- keep your eyes peeled for new workshops coming up! (Or drop us a message- we may be able to come to you!)

We hope to meet you soon!