Sharing is Caring: new show fears!


Happy sunny GOLKK Monday!

Welcome to the week- may it bring you surprises, inspiration and JOY! Last week we began the devising process for a whole new show, so we wanted to dedicate this blog to a little bit of honesty about how SCARY making a new show is! (But hopefully provide some help too!)


Let's be frank- we all love being in our comfort zone, or at least we think we do. It is so easy to settle into routine when you have been working with one show for a while or if you have had a break from devising. But what is the best way to get back into creating for a new show? And how should we behave as we tread precariously into the unknown...

As we stepped into the rehearsal room last week, we were all feeling a little on edge. Fizzing with excited energy at the prospect of total freedom to create, yet suspended in a state of uncertainty, the pressure of expectations swamping the room. Questions arise within us:

Are we all on the same page?

Is this show going to be as good as the last?

How did we get there last time?

Are we staying true to ourselves?

What do we want to say? And how are we supposed to say it? 

Perhaps most importantly, how do we begin? 

With these questions within us, we jumped into exercises and games and fitness training- we followed whatever we felt like doing. Eventually we had released a little of our nervous energy, and made way for some clear thinking! We remembered an exercise introduced to us by one of earliest and most inspiring supporters, Roanna Mitchell, called Fantasy, Fear, Fellowship. The exercise asks you to individually write down:

- your fantasies for the new piece (if budget didn't exist- what would you love to create?)

- your fears (try to be honest and open about fears that you have concerning yourself in the project, what you might do that would hinder things)  

- fellowship (what can you bring to the table- what are your skills, interests, manner)

After writing these down we shared them as a company. The result was a mutual calming of our shared anxieties, a feeling of ease that comes with having your feelings known and an awareness of how you can help others. Not only that, but the fantasies revealed so many cross-overs of ideas for a new piece, that we immediately felt excited to begin!



  • Trust that something will come. Give it the time it needs, but aim for a specific end goal (for example, showing a trusted group of supporters your work-so-far in 2 weeks)
  • come with inspiration - don't expect others to do that for you, bring stuff that you are interested in
  • stay flexible and playful - ideas will come and go, try to listen out for when you are all on board with each other or for an idea which deserves more trialing
  • be honest about your feelings, and then try to let them be- sharing your feelings will help, but make sure that consciously place nerves and blocking feelings aside whilst testing things out
  • Say Yes! You may have slipped into a logical and analytical brain if you have been settled in administrative tasks for a while, so try to shake it off by accepting offers and giving them their fair trial before writing them off- you never know what might come

Hopefully this will have provided you with a little support along your devising journey, or a nudge if you are yet to begin. Let us know if any of our tips or experiences resonate with you- and message if we can help!