Happy Easter!

We are finally back with our last installment of the GOLKK virtual meet and greet! (Apologies for the delay in posting, perhaps our next blog will be on procrastination...!)

This week we meet our final member LUKE STOKES!

Luke has been part of GOLKK since its founding in 2016 (0therwise it would simply be GOKK...). Growing up in Wimbledon, London, Luke was involved in mostly "straight" acting, and loved to read and perform Shakespeare. In his spare time, Luke also loved to create comedy sketches with friends- he is now resident prankster at GOLKK! Over the course of his time at UKC, Luke trained in naturalism, cabaret/slapstick, and eventually physical theatre. 

Luke has a keen interest in all things physical - be it running and cycling, or dance and acrobatics! Luke often trains the company, and shares his experience of dance and acrobatics in order to further the physicality of our shows. Luke's training has a kinaesthetic focus, and is often inspired by yoga and the outdoors. A key element of training for Luke is keeping it exciting by changing up your routine regularly, and setting goals!



A few words from the man himself...


"I am excited in the new. The thing that drives me the most are new ways of looking at things and new ways one can perform -I believe we are part of this new theatre."