Happy GOLKK Monday!

Today we will be introducing you to Kristin Bacheva!

I interviewed fellow performer/ director/ social media boss Kristin earlier this week, and this is what she had to say!

G: What theatre were you interested in before you came to the UK?

K: I didn't know about physical theatre, i was interested in naturalistic theatre because that is what is popular in Bulgaira. And then in my second year at UKC I found out about physical theatre and I was like ooh! Because I am also a dancer, as well as actress, and I wanted to keep both of these going. So I felt like this was a way I could combine both. But it really changed my view on theatre completely.

G: So what would you say your view on theatre is now?

K: That you need only you- you don't need a director, or set or anything- you can make theatre if you have a body and an audience to witness. It's about sharing the moment, and really being present. Which is GOLKK!

G: So what kind of things do you do outside of GOLKK?

K: Recently my new interest is teaching, being on the other side of the coin straight after graduating! I am also trying to do some art projects, launching a vintage clothes shop. And I also do photography- I photograph fellow students, actors, me, GOLKK. Its something that feeds my creativity at the moment.

G: And on the subject of photographing GOLKK, what sort of things do you do, as you are our social media guru, what does your weekly marketing for GOLKK look like?

K: Instagram takes most of my time. Planning, arranging posts, working on my phone mostly. Following the statistics as well! Then there is facebook, trying to work with developing the audiences and making it appropriate for them. And just trying to keep it new and exciting, innovative and very professional. With Instagram its all about the aesthetic, so trying to create that whilst also keeping GOLKK's essence as well.

G: What would you say the key things you've learnt about that world so far? Or that you would want to tell people who are also starting to do-

K: social media? Or marketing?

G: Yeah and marketing as well in a more broad sense.

K: I would say the one thing that I am still learning and I still regret not doing, is having your phone on you and when you think something good is happening just taking a picture- so you don't forget about it or miss the moment. Because the more material you have, the more posts you can do! And then its important to keep track of the likes on your posts- so know when people are looking- so there is a lot in the morning, then on their lunch break or very late evenings when they are home. Also to make it look beautiful!

G: Nice! Okay now for something fun to finish- you are stranded on a desert island and you are only allowed 3 luxury items, what are you going for?

K: I am so indecisive for this is literally the worst question for me! But, I think, definitely a camera. I would take... oh wow... wow... I will take a book! No- I don't need a book because I can write on leaves. Sunglasses. And a good moisturizer!

So now you know a little more about Kristin (you can follow her on Instagram @itisnotkristin), and it leaves us with only Luke Stokes left! Tune in next week for the final part of the Meet and Greet- and then we will all be friends. YAY!