Happy Monday Morning! We are continuing our virtual meet and greet with the company, and in this post we will be meeting...


5 things to know about Olaf:

* Norwegian born and raised, he moved to Canterbury in 2013 to study at UKC

* he loves nature- particularly the woods and the sea! Olaf specialises in site-specific theatre- our first piece was in the wood on campus and was all about humans care for nature and each other.

* he was originally interested in naturalism and script work (until he fell in love with physical theatre!)

* He is a lover of all things Sci-Fi

* In his spare time, Olaf loves to do arts and crafts, including painting, sculpture and red-wine consumption

Olaf's role in GOLKK:

Olaf assembled all of GOLKK's members in 2016, when he had the idea to create a physical theatre/ site-sympathetic inspired by the concept of "ritual". However, once the group began working together, we soon realised that what was really special about the work was the unique ensemble that emerged.

After this initial project, Olaf's role as director became shared amongst the members of GOLKK. Olaf now performs within the ensemble, still bringing his own practice into the mix!

Olaf is also our key communicator with venues. Networking is a massive factor for emerging companies/aritists, so Olaf actively seeks out events and opportunities to meet other artists or venues- and especially new audiences!

** top tips from Olaf for networking **

1 ) always have your business cards handy- you never know when you're going to meet a potential collaborator/venue!

2 ) keep an eye out for local networking opportunities- Olaf recently attended a Kent Creative event, where he not only met many different artists, but joined a mailing list that is a life saver!

3 ) if someone else joins your conversation at a networking event (or similar situation), always introduce them early on into convo - find out who they are, what they do, and let them know what you were chatting about. Having been the odd one out before, it makes a big difference being welcomed into conversations quickly! (You never know- they might be even more interesting/ important to your company!)

Olaf also is in charge of our website, twitter, and sound-  and has been playing with the idea of creating original music for our shows!

For any more info on any of Olaf's work, feel free to reach out on our social media.

LOVE, GOLKK (and lots from Olaf, of course)