Happy Monday everyone!

This week, we wanted to do something a bit different, and give you a chance to get to know us a little better. Rather than just one post, we are going to be doing a FOUR PART virtual meet and greet with each member of GOLKK! Each post will give a little insight into what we do outside of GOLKK and our role within the company.

To kick us off, we will start with the member who is secretly the voice of this blog - (drum-roll for big reveal)...


(I will stop weirdly referring to myself now...)

Who am I?

I am a 23 year old graduate from UKC, originally from Hertfordshire. I split my time between working with GOLKK, Confidance, as a student support and as Front of House staff at the Marlowe Theatre (the joys of being freelance ey?!). When I am not working I like to spend time with family and friends, eating and drinking lots, and am a bit of a menace on the dance floor - my dancing is about as cheesy as that phrase.

What do I with GOLKK?

As an ensemble, we all perform, direct and produce our work. We also share all of the administration side of the company, and our roles are changing as we continue to grow. (TOP TIP: always play to your strengths as individuals within the company- find what you are good at, so that the admin work can seem less of a chore!)

My role also includes:

  • funding and project applications
  • setting up and managing our outreach work
  • managing the GOLKK blog (this thing here! the one you're reading!!)

If you want any more information on any of these areas (or if you want to request a blog specifically with details) please comment below!

Other professional work:

After GOLKK formed in 2016, I focused my personal practice on exploring how creative arts can have a profoundly positive effect on performers. Throughout my time with GOLKK and on my MA course, I noticed that I had become more confident in my body. This body confidence was more than simply feeling happy about the way I looked, it was about having confidence in my body's abilities and strengths, and also the courage to take risks with movement. I found that this confidence was not limited to my performance practice, and traveled with me throughout my daily life. Perhaps this is due to the understanding in physical theatre that our bodies have purpose and are imbued with stories to tell. Or maybe it was because I was having regular contact with my ensemble, gradually building our trust in each other and ultimately in ourselves. I wanted to give others the same experience.

My outreach work began by assisting classes with the Marlowe Theatre, where I developed my practice working with children of all ages. During my MA dissertation, I carried out workshops at a variety of schools in Kent, where I studied the benefits of Psychophysical actor training for adolescents. I also work with Confidance, a social enterprise which provides dance and movement classes for adults and children with special needs. Working with Confidance is continually inspiring me to search for more inclusive methods of artistic engagement, and to make GOLKK's performances as accessible as we can. You can check out Confidance at

Now you know a little about me! 

We are always striving to share as much as we can about our practice as a company, and this doesn't end with GOLKK performance and practice - if you want to know more about outreach work, funding stresses or how I combine dance and theatre practice, just drop us a message on any of our platforms!

LOVE, Grace and GOLKK