GOLKK begin to blog!

Hello all!  We are so excited to start this blog, to share even more with you all about our company!

As an emerging company, we are experiencing new things everyday. The responsibilities and admin are seemingly endless, and each new venture brings fears, anxieties and risk- but they are also bringing EXCITEMENT, PASSION and JOY!

Many companies keep their process a secret- hiding the rehearsal room away in order to preserve the magic and mystery of performance. GOLKK believe that the magic also lies in sharing- with fellow artists, emerging companies, and of course our audiences!

In every walk of life there will be successes and failures- so we want to be honest in sharing ours! We want to let you see the good, the bad and the downright embarrassing experiences that new companies go through, in the hope that we may save you from some pitfalls, lend a friendly hand, and remind you of the necessity of human error.

So keep your eyes peeled for insights, tips and tricks- and also a closer look at how we make our work!